Motorcity Monster Hunters

The story so far…

S1E1 – An unlikley group is formed when their seperate investigations lead them to a nest of Vampires that have impacted each of their lives. The new friends find strength in numbers and uncover not some feral nest of blood suckers, but an intricate organisation involved in both legitimate and illegitimate business activities. The Reinhardt Inc and Night Owl Security becomes a larger focus for future investigations.

S1E2 St. Aubin Street Massacre – Benny the Evangelist is said to haunt St. Aubin Street walking the area headless.

S1E3 The Michigan Dogman – The ten year cycle is upon us and the Michigan Dogman has come out to terrorize Northern Michigan. Reports of wild dog attacks uncover an ancient curse on a local spirit.

S1E4 The Strange Case of the Melon Heads – 

S1E5 If Books Could Kill – A budding occultist makes several attempts to steal a rare set of books from an antique dealer.

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