(A Stranger Didcot)

Cooling Towers from the Dedcot Loop

This ‘Tales from the Loop’ RPG takes place in an iconic period of time: the 1980s. It’s a time you know well – probably as a young adult dealing with Maggie Thatcher’s agenda. But for kids it was still an era of huge freedom; time outside School was their own and they could roam the countryside as they pleased, so long as they returned before dark or in time for dinner, whichever came first. It also brought memorable kids TV shows (despite there being only 4 channels) and the emergence of role-playing games such as AD&D – much to the disapproval of some adults who saw it as soul-corrupting garbage.

It is the decade that gave us pop stars like Boy George, Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox, when hard rock and synth pop dominated the radio, when a score of iconic movies like E.T., Blade Runner, Tron and the Star Wars sequels came out, and the Commodore 64 was the world’s best-selling computer. In a way, it was the first really modern decade. The VCR made its way into homes, and a generation of kids watched movies that previously were out of sight and reach for them.

After the long recession of the ’70s, the ’80s looked ahead and upwards. Everything seemed possible. Yet it was also a decade of fear and conflict. Looming over everything was the spectre of the Cold War and the global threat of nuclear war. To be scared of The Bomb was as natural as being afraid of climate change today. This, and everything else that happened during this era, is part of this game. But there is more to it as well – this game is about an ’80s that never was. This Great Britain (and especially the Dedcot/Harwell area) is filled with strange technology and top secret, government-run projects and abandoned engineering from the experimental ’60s.

Dedcot History
Dedcot Location Map
Dedcot Character Generation
Playground Football; rules of the game

Episode 1: Life on Mars Bars
Episode 2: Twix a Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 3: SCreme Egg Scramble
Episode 4: Time for a Picnic
Episode 5: Marathon Man
Episode 6: Careless Wispas
Episode 7: Bar Noir
Episode 8: It Takes Allsorts
Episode 9: Jolly Tots and Candy Bots
Episode 10: Double Deckers and the Trusty Tube
Episode 11: Bounty Hunters
Episode 12: A Ripple in Time, Part 1
Episode 13: A Ripple in Time, Part 2
Episode 14: Smartie Pants
Episode 15: Reality Bitz
Episode 16: The Welsh Confection
Episode 17: Aero space
Episode 18: Curly wurly Timey wimy
Episode 19: The Malteser Fulcrum