Unreasonable Grounds

This is a Drop in Dungeon Concept. The idea of this game is to enable a whenever, whoever game set up where a large group of players can be part of a campaign without always needing to show up and where missing a session is part of the plot. Players who join a session are part of the forward team working their way though the Dungeon others are back resting or setting up the base camp. Magic items, copying of spell books etc. will be all taken care of so the game can be a pure dungeon bash (and roll play during the bashing)

Your characters need to be either stupid enough or desperate enough to have signed Rashjiey’s contract of employment. She only employs people who can work in a team (so no evil alignments please).

Much to your surprise the corporation appears to be relatively benevolent and genuinely interested in its core mission of clearing the Dungeon.