Welcome to Rashjiey’s Delving Incorpserated

Rashjiey invites you to join her company. We are once and for all going to clear the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

I have assembled a group of brave adventurers who will be clearing though the dungeon supported by a team of logistical specialists1. You could become part of the Great Adventure.

Sometimes you will be part of the forward team clearing though the dungeon, but you are not alone! Your colleagues will be tidying up behind you and, as we delve deeper, establishing lines of supply. Need a long rest? – Don’t worry – Hand over to the next team 2 and return to the last basecamp3 where clean beds4 and a hearty warm meal await you5.

Worried about that upgrade to plate or where you are going to get a magic Glaive from? We have that covered. Everything you find in the Dungeon is used as a resource for the Delving Corporation6. We will deal with the sale or recycling of items and provide you with the equipment you need7, so there is no need ever to break off from the fun of fighting8 to deal with tedious matters of commerce and equipment9.

Sign up now10 and become part of something special.11


  1. Specialist implies a job role and should not be taken to suggest any specific qualification.
  2. Availability of relief forces in dependent upon multiple factors and should not be relied upon.
  3. The survival of previous basecamps should not be assumed.
  4. Beds are not guaranteed to be clean as bloodstains are difficult to remove.
  5. Heartly and warm are general terms indicative of the possible nature of the sustenance provided.
  6. All items, cash and things of value found in the Dungeon become the possessions of the corporation.
  7. Loan of equipment is at the sole discretion of the corporation.
  8. Employees may experience varying levels of enjoyment.
  9. Return to the surface is dependent upon availability of supplies and at the company’s discretion.
  10. The Company reserve the right to enforce its contract of employment using all means possible including but not limited to Geas, mind control and execution.
  11. The Company may request any service and need not have reasonable or unreasonable ground for doing so.