Dramatis Personae

The Protagonists

Clan cousins, all members in good standing of the Rising Sun Clan from Jakálla, where they have grown up together.

  Name   Age Temple Arms Skills Background
CC Tanic M 24y Qón Polearms Archer   Veteran of the Civil War. Imposing in stature.
TM Mnela F 24y Keténgku Archer Polearm Languages Psychic Magic Physician (arcane and practical). Juyami’s childhood nemesis
RJD Wuruli M 24y Thúmis Knife   Aspiring High Cartographer and Painter
RJ Juyami F 24y Ksárul Sword Ritual Magic Lord Ksárul’s Little Ray of Darkness
CB Nebussa M 24y Thúmis Knife   Merchant and parkourist
DJV Mu’on M 27y Thúmis Mace   Responsible adult and ship’s carpenter
JM Cheshan M 24y Keténgku Sword Languages Physician
LJ Changi M 24y Thúmis Archer   Nautical merchant

Other Persons of Interest

In order of appearance

Name  Description Location
The Clan Elder Senior member of the Clan of the Rising Sun, our protagonists’ patron Jakálla
Master Cho Master of The Flying Sea Serpent, a river sampan Jakálla, the Mssúma River and its tributaries.
Master of the Pearl Fishers Master of a sampan Mssúma River Estuary 
Mayor of Zhaikél Extraordinarily efficient Town of Zhaikél
Count Tulam Fiefholder with a large family of 10 concubines and 34 children. Performs kata exercises daily, as does his Guard. Wears a fine steel sword, as does his Guard Captain. Villa of Ishoi the Blessed
Governor Competent administrator Hauma in the Palace of the Realm
High Priest Surunho (hi Tlakotani) Senior Academic. Student of High Cartography. Accompanied by a bodyguard from the Omnipotent Azure Legion .. and Prince of the Imperial Line. Temple of Thúmis in Haumá
Abbot Kane Physician and administrator Hospital of Keténgku in Hauma