Items of Interest

Items of note encountered by our protagonists on their travels

Item Description Last known Location
Black Pearls A string of black pearls. In Juyami’s posession
Disc Circular disc, 35cm diameter, made of a golden metal of great strength, engraved with many glyphs in concentric circles. Clan House of the Rising Sun in Jakálla.
Disc (rubbings)   Copies with Juyami, Mnela, Wuruli and Chesan
High Cartographic Stone – Ancient Green Malachite rod. Map of an unidentified location in working order. Dates from the Time of the Ancients. Temple of Thúmis in Haumá, in the rooms of High Priest Surunho. 
High Cartographic Stone – Modern Black object. Modern Tsolyáni map. In Wuruli’s possession, a study loan from High Priest Surunho.
Honey Gift from the Temples of Avánthe and Dilinála at the Sealed Villa In Mnela’s possession
Steatite rod White steatite rod, a hand’s length, with 11 glyphs Sealed Villa
Steatite rod glyphs Note with 10 of the 11 glyphs In Juyami’s possession
Steel sword Sword of exceptional quality and extreme rarity
  • Count Tulam
  • Count Tulam’s Guard Captain
  • High Priest Surunho’s Omnipotent Azure Legion bodyguard.
Treatise: On the Public Health Effects of Flooding Reports compiled by Cheshan of Jakálla documenting illnesses observed during the floods of 2374 A.S. The Library of the Hospital of Keténgku in Haumá