Places of Interest

Place Description Co-ordinates
Blasted Waste Nexus point, located in a massive crater 10km south of the Villa of Íshoi the Blessed 3514.MG
Haumá Capital of the Province of Khósa in the Kurt Hills, located NW of the Arjáshtra River. Exceptionally fine wooden architecture. 3613 / 3613.IG
Jakálla  “The city half as old as time.” Port on the east bank of Mssúma river estuary. The Clan of the Rising Sun has a major Clan House here. 2814
Kali Fishing village on the west bank of the Mssúma river estuary. Location of salt pans owned by the Clan of the Rising Sun and an old Temple of Dlamélish. 2714
Palace of Scrolls Grey stone building, with an exceptionally fine reception room, magically lighted, admitting no unexpected visitors and answering no questions as to its purpose. Surrounded by fog. Located outside any fief. Confusing to enter and leave. 3514.RF
Sealed Villa

Temples of Avánthe and Dilinála, surrounded by massive walls made from individual stone blocks the height of a person. A source of honey of some value. 

Villa of Íshoi the Blessed Fief on the Arjáshtra River.  3514.NH


Port for the city of Haumá, on the Arjáshtra River. 3613 / 3613.HG


Efficiently run town on the Arjáshtra River 3514.KI