High resolution box art of the 1975 edition of Empire of the Petal Throne


A campaign set in terraformed world, cut off from Humanspace in a pocket dimension.


Dramatis Personae The protagonists and other persons of interest.
Episode 1 – Prologue in Jakálla In which our protagonists – a group of young, ambitious, cousins from the Clan of the Rising Sun in Jakálla (the city half as old as time) – learn of a mysterious rutter in the Clan archive.
Episode 2 – The Flying Sea Serpent In which our protagonists gain their sea legs, and make some surprising discoveries.
Episode 3 – Up a Lazy River In which our protagonists head upriver to the Kurt Hills aboard The Flying Sea Serpent
Episode 4 – Arrival In which our protagonists arrive in the Kurt Hills to find more questions than answers.
  (5 Amid the Floods)
  (6 Villa of Ishoi)
  (7 Hauma)
Places of Interest The tracks of our protagonists
Items of Interest Artefacts and objects of note